New year decision

A bit late. But I decided to quit smoking. And focus on exercising and REALLY taking care of myself. I need to overcome my laziness and stop relying on smoking and depression after depression to steal my appetite to lose/maintain weight.

I have so much more to live for.

The only child syndrome

Watching my son unravel and marvel at his new Nitendo switch made me realise how different our childhoods are/were.

I grew up with two sisters and then just before I turned into a teenager another one was added to the bunch.

Now I have a little boy who has no brother or sister or even cousins around.

He’s just gotten fortnite or whatever it’s called and hearing him talk to random other children online made me realise how lonely he is.

I always make huge efforts to get him interacting with other children which is his favourite thing to do but it’s so hard!

People no longer care for that type of thing…

As a child I wished I was an only child since I always had to constantly share and all other petty things…

But now in hindsight I was actually very lucky.

I never felt lonely.

My first hour…

Sorry if I’m bombarding you lovely writing people with comments and liked and questions but it’s my first hour on this blog and I’m so excited to read and interact! And excited to finally share my stories and views.. which is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

Any advice on where to start?!